Bounty program update (August ‘22 ):

We are excited to announce that the OriginTrail v6 bounty program has moved to Stage 2 of OriginTrail v6 launch!

In Stage 2 of the program the aim is to finalise the testing and implementation of the OriginTrail DKG v6, integrated together with the OriginTrail Parachain.

Therefore the OriginTrail v6 bounty program has been updated to include the following three contribution options:

1.Code contributions:

Developer contributions to the official repositories are welcome and continue to be part of the bounty program in Stage 2. Please provide your contributions to the following repositories:

More information is available in the official contribution guidelines.

The total bounty pool for code contributions across all stages of the program (Stages 1 and 2) is 100.000 TRAC tokens and will be distributed at the end of the bounty program according to the code contributor scoreboard.

2. Running DKG testnet nodes:

As in Stage 1, running stage 2 testnet nodes that submit telemetry data will also make you eligible for bounty rewards. (Stage 1 testnet is deprecated and nodes on Stage 1 testnet will no longer receive bounty rewards)

The total bounty pool for node runners across all stages of the program (Stages 1 and 2) is 200.000 TRAC tokens and will be distributed at the end of the bounty program according to the Telemetry bounty scoreboard.

3. Creating assets through Project Magnify:

The addition to Stage 2 of the OriginTrail v6 launch bounty program is an additional pool of bounty tokens for Asset Publishers through Project Magnify, once it goes live. The aim of the Project Magnify bounty effort is to test the utility of DKG v6 via the Project Magnify interface by creating a significant amount of DKG assets in the final stage of the bounty program. A bounty will be provided for the best Asset publishers, aimed at republishing their assets on the OriginTrail mainnet when live.

The total bounty pool for Project Magnify is 50.000 TRAC tokens and 50.000 OTP tokens.

The total bounty pool is therefore increased to 350.000 TRAC and 50.000 OTP tokens.

The bounty program will be completed once the OriginTrail v6 mainnet launch is completed.

What is the OriginTrail v6 launch Bounty program about?

We are incredibly excited to launch the official OriginTrail Bounty Program. With a pool of 250.000 TRAC tokens, this bounty program will focus on accelerating the OriginTrail v6 launch, including battle-testing and improving the robustness of the upcoming version of the Decentralized Knowledge Graph and preparing it for billions of Web3 assets.

You can participate in the bounty program and contribute to OriginTrail v6 development in several ways, so if you are interested - read on!

What type of contributions are eligible for the bounty program?

There are two ways you can participate in the bounty program for OriginTrail v6 - via Github contributions, or testing the OriginTrail DKG v6 network by running a node with the Telemetry plugin.

Option 1 (open): Github contributions: starting from January 18 2022

We are super excited to get the tech community onboard with rewarding direct code contributions to OriginTrail Github! We will be considering 3 different contribution types:

  1. Contributing code: this means creating plugins, tools, components, resolving existing issues, creating valuable PoC integrations, contributing to the test-suite etc, by providing new code to existing repositories (listed below)

  2. Testing & reporting: such as documenting an (undiscovered) issue in detail & proposing solutions, providing improvement proposals for the APIs etc

  3. Documenting & clarifying: such as creating tutorials (confirmed as eligible by the core development team via Github issues), updating the documentation and non-code related content updates that are considered helpful

All Github contributions must follow the contribution guidelines in order to be eligible for the bounty program. Each contribution will have to pass the review process and only once merged to the respective codebase by the core developers will be considered for a bounty. If you are not sure that a certain contribution will qualify, either post the question in a Github issue or contact the developers via Discord.

Repositories eligible for contribution in the bounty program*:

* The list might be extended over the course of the bounty program

Option 2 (open): Telemetry submissions - Testing DKG v6 nodes and submitting telemetry data with the Telemetry plugin

To perform DKG v6 testing, you will need to run a v6 DKG testnet node (and later mainnet node) and install the Telemetry plugin, which will automatically publish node usage data to the DKG with a set frequency. Therefore, by using your node and the DKG, you will be effectively testing it and the node will record all this testing data in the background. Aggregating your usage data will be done by the Telemetry plugin on your node locally, and then submitted to the DKG itself.

To monitor the network usage data, we are introducing the Telemetry Hub, a live-metric dashboard implemented in Grafana, which will display aggregated data from all DKG v6 nodes submitting telemetry info for inspection by the developers and the community.

The telemetry data includes operational metrics such as the protocol operation duration, success rate and errors, then system performance, blockchain interactions etc. As the v6 node records all this information internally, as a community we will be aggregating all of this in the best way possible - by publishing it to the DKG itself.

Finally, the bounty program participants' contributions will be scored and ranked in a publicly visible scoring table.

As of March 9th 2022, Telemetry submissions are open and live for the bounty program.

How can you earn the bounty rewards?

For Github contributions (open):

  • Each contribution will be assessed individually by the core development team and ranked as “low”, “medium” or “high” impact based on contribution type, quality & impact

  • Assessment & distribution of rewards will be performed in cycles

  • Contributions that do not follow the contribution guidelines will not be considered for bounty

  • Github contributions are open from January 18 2022 until the end of the program

Telemetry contributions (open):

    Bounty program timeline

    • Start: January 18 2022 with Github contributions

    • Telemetry contributions start: early March 2022

    • End: several weeks after v6 mainnet launch

    Dates are tentative and will involve several phases and updates to the program as it develops over time, so be sure to subscribe to updates via the form below!

    Join the bounty program now

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    Step 2: Get familiar with OriginTrail v6

    Step 3: Contribute!

    • Open up a Github repo and start contributing!

    • Contribute with Telemetry data

    Have any questions? 

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    By joining the bounty program, you accept the OriginTrail bounty program Terms & Conditions.

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